Who We Are

Josh M. Gelman
Principal Consultant / Owner

Josh is passionate about using technology to develop solutions that help reduce risks to critical infrastructure and build resilience. His multidisciplinary background includes expertise in cybersecurity, emergency management, information science and technology, and meteorology. This diverse background helps him develop integrative solutions to complex problems.

He is especially interested in the convergence of cybersecurity, physical security, and emergency management, arising from the increasing interconnectedness of cyber-physical systems. Convergence of these previously disjointed functions is necessary to better protect people, processes, and technology from an evolving threat landscape.

In addition, he enjoys helping organizations improve their preparedness capabilities through technology-driven training and exercises. His passion for continuous learning ensures he stays up-to-date with developments in technology, emergency services, and other critical infrastructure. He also continues to stay active in other areas of emergency services, including serving as an EMT.